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If you want to get your race brain into gear, then it’s a good idea to learn all the whys and wherefores before hand so you can just turn the pedals and keep an eye out for the rustling in the bushes. To that end, you will be able to download the 2020 Competitor Info Pack here very soon!


Sweet flowing single track, corners, massive berms, ripping descents, scenic cliff top vistas… all part of the Meehan Monster race course. There will also be plenty of climbing each lap so bring your climbing legs.

The racecourse will take in 32km in the Meehan Range including Clarence Mountain Bike Park and Belbins Road/Meehan Range Nature Recreation Area. The race will start and finish in the Clarence MTB Park “Bowl” area.

There will be a mix of single track (80%) and fire trail (20%). There will be a short stretch of road/carpark that will need to be crossed to enter the (Belbins Road) the Belbins Road/Meehan Range Nature Recreation Area entrance. The trails in the Belbins Road/Meehan Range Nature Recreation Area will consist of a loop of the regular XC course used by the Hobart Wheelers Dirt Devils club races.

There will be a feed zone/checkpoint at the internal Belbins carpark. Riders will come through this area at the end of their loop in Stringy Bark Gully. From there the competitors will ascend to the ridgeline via approved trails in the Meehan Range Nature Recreation Area and on Private Land.

The Skyline fire trail will take riders to the “Birthday Loop” trail situated Northeast of Stringy Bark saddle. From here riders will have a short descent into a long climb to the highest point on the course, Flagstaff Hill. Riders will descend Flagstaff via a new single trail onto the Caves Hill Track. Caves Hill Track will bring riders back to the Stringy Bark Saddle.

At the top of the Stringybark Bypass Track there will be a marked crossover. From here they will head towards Clifftop on the Skyline Fire Trail. Descending to Clarence Mountain Bike Park via a mix of fire road and single track. The final descent takes in Kays Choice then the XC Descent into Smooth as Butter.  At the top of the XC Descent, there will be the second marked trail crossover.

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